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Boris Stepanov as Kudrjas at Concertgebouw

Kudrjáš in Kat'a Kabanova at the Royal Concertgebouw

On March the 26th, 2022 the opera Kat'a Kabanova by Leoš Janáček was presented in concert at the Royal Concertgebouw in Amsterdam. Boris Stepanov performed the role of Kudrjáš.

The Radio Filharmonisch Orkest and the Groot Omroepkoor were conducted by Karina Canellakis.

A true discovery is the Russian tenor Boris Stepanov. His melting voice makes the open-minded schoolmaster Kudrjas, a breath of fresh air in a sea of narrow-mindedness, even more attractive — deVolkskrant

The young couple [Varvara and Kudrjas] regularly steals the show... Boris Stepanov obviously got a good dose of singing and playing joy, because every time he came up he radiated that it was a pleasure. There is a little bit of Lensky in his performance, a role (from Eugene Onegin) he also sings. But in the story, after Ostrovsky's play The Thunderstorm, he is also a Chekhovian young academic who comes to wake up the sleepy feudal town — Basia Con Fuoco